How to Remove Wiremo Plugin From Your Squarespace Website

In this guide, we will describe how to remove Wiremo from your Squarespace website.

First, you need to access the Squarespace admin page, Select Settings -> Advanced -> Code Injection and you will be prompted to the page where you’ve imputed plugin code on initial setup.

Remove plugin code from Footer (or Header if you’ve inputted it there) and Save changes. See the plugin code in the below image. (Pin 1)


Once you remove it you will no longer receive the “Payment issues” message on your website. (Pin 2)


Important:If you have a Classic Squarespace website or set up a custom review page note to also remove div code.  (Pin 3)



For removing Wiremo Carousel or Badge you will have to delete the codes from the Squarespace -> Code Injection. (Pin 4 and Pin 5)


Once done don’t forget to remove the div codes from pages as well, as shown in the example below. (Pin 6 and Pin 7)



Now you’re all done.

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