Google Shopping Product Reviews Feed

Google Product Review Feeds

We've worked hard on implementing product synchronization (your shop products and Wiremo backend) and debugging the Google Shopping Feed in XML format.

Finally, we have a stable feature that will allow you to upload the Product Shopping Feed and Product Reviews Feed to your Google merchant account. You don’t need additional plugins to create your shopping feed, this function is covered by Wiremo now. Works on Squarespace and Shopify.

Google Product Review Feed tutorial

Google Seller rating


We've worked close with Guy Abrahams to list hist products and reviews on Google Shopping. He shared his experience with us on how he used our new feature called Google Shopping Feed to get approved and rank all of his product on Google Shopping.


I'll show you an example of a successful implementation by one of our clients, londonvermouthcompany.com, running his site on Squarespace.

Follow this tutorial for Squarespace and this one for Shopify, WooCommerce is coming soon.

First of all, you have to enable the “Google Shopping Feed” option in Wiremo’s Settings to get the product synchronized and to create the Feed XML for your products and reviews. The XML files will be ready in the next 24 hours.


What are the benefits of uploading products to Google Shopping Feed?

  • Get more clicks and a higher conversion rate.

  • Gain trust from potential customers.

  • Be able to stay on top of the latest marketing trends.

review widget google search clicked more details


The results are awesome!

Google search for “No.2 Camille's Red Vermouth” in the UK.


What you see here:

  • Londonvermouthcompany.com is the first in the list because it has 18 reviews for this particular product uploaded directly to Google Merchant account and reviews are public on the customer’s website and our Google Seller Rating website https://wiremo.co/reviews/londonvermouthcompany.com/product/603bd4728d07fb70c9fe4123
  • Google creates a widget with the product itself on this page and highlights rating reviews in the widget, yes, yes! reviews collected by Wiremo on autopilot!

P.S. I used UK VPN to search for this product as it’s advertised only for UK customers.

If you want to be successful in the digital world, it is critical that your business takes advantage of all online marketing opportunities. That includes optimizing for Google Shopping and Google Product Listing Ads. To do this effectively, we recommend starting with Wiremo's Professional plan or upgrade your Essential plan now!With Wiremo's help, you can upload a product feed to Google Shopping as well as reviews and ratings to the Google product review feed.


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