Mobile Marketing Strategies to Boost Online Sales in 2022

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The digital media marketing industry is booming to ensure it you should only have a look for the amount of open positions for digital marketers. Mobile marketing is steadily on the rise as the digital world is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to reach your audience. Most people are more likely to be online through their mobile phones rather than their computers.

According to research conducted by Broadband Search, mobile usage took up 56% of all internet traffic globally in 2021. The high volume of mobile users shows how important it is to have a proper mobile media marketing strategy.

The volume of mobile users is due to the convenience of getting online on a mobile phone. This convenience makes mobile marketing an effective strategy to grow your business. If you have an e-commerce business, it is crucial to have a solid mobile marketing strategy in place.

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Source: Broadband Search

If you’re not sure how to create a mobile marketing strategy, this article will give you steps to build a plan that best fits your business. But before we get into building a strategy, it’s important to fully understand the concept of mobile media marketing.

What is Mobile Marketing?

The term mobile marketing covers a variety of marketing tactics that use mobile phones as their vehicle. All your marketing tools and processes are conducted using your small handheld device. The main goal of mobile marketing is to have quick and easy access to your target audience.

Having multiple channels of communication is one component of a great mobile marketing strategy. With mobile web marketing, you can use several communication mediums to reach your audience. You can connect with your customers using SMS, social media, and mobile apps.

The popularity of smartphones is what makes mobile marketing so vital. More and more customers want to interact with an engaging business. Good customer service has always been a benchmark of a great company, so having mobile media marketing is so important.

The rise of social media in recent years is a good indicator for adopting mobile marketing into your daily business strategy, so look into how some of the pioneers, such as any old New York social media marketing agency, are achieving wonderful interaction for their clients.

Statistical Data of Mobile Marketing

Mobile usage is one of the biggest ways people use the internet. Smartphones account for 56% of internet users globally. In 2016, mobile users only counted 44% of internet usage. This 11% increase in five years shows the importance of mobile marketing.

According to Statista, mobile devices were responsible for 56% of organic search engine visits. This shows that mobile marketing is important for businesses with a strong online presence. This data also indicates that many potential customers can be found through mobile marketing as they are more likely to find your business if you target your SEOs.

If your business relies on email campaigns, then mobile marketing is a tool you should use. Research shows that more people are likely to open up their emails on a smartphone than on their desktop. According to Campaign Monitor, email campaigns are 68% more likely to be opened on mobile phones than other devices. This number is a 40% increase from 2015.

People use mobile phones more often and spend a significant amount of time using them. Research by Broadband Search shows that people spend an estimated 203 minutes on mobile phones. People are estimated to spend only 108 minutes on a desktop. With mobile marketing, you can utilize this screen time to grow your business.

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Source: Broadband Search

These statistics emphasize the need for a mobile web marketing strategy. Mobile phones are quickly becoming one of the best ways to grow your business organically. The steadily increasing rate of mobile usage makes it an attractive medium to market your company.

Why use Mobile Marketing?

As per the data mentioned above, it is crucial to use mobile marketing in our current consumer-driven landscape. Especially if you have an e-commerce business. Actively engaging with your consumers sets you apart from your rivals. Here’s a look at some other reasons you should have a mobile marketing strategy.


Mobile marketing is an easily accessible tool for many businesses. Unlike other marketing tactics such as SEO or Google Adwords, you don’t need technical expertise to begin utilizing this tool. Whether you use SMS, social media, or email, mobile media marketing is easy to implement.

You can also easily track how well you're doing with mobile marketing. Many apps provide free analytics for you to evaluate your growth. The metrics are easy to understand and are often equipped with a helpful guide if you need any additional help. Google Analytics is one great asset for mobile marketing as it provides full detailed analytics on your mobile marketing strategy.


Unlike other marketing mediums, mobile marketing is relatively cheaper. Unlike TV ads, you don’t need to pay a lot of money to have an effective marketing strategy. Several mobile communication channels are either free of cost or can be used according to your budget. You can also set specific targets through mobile marketing.

Immediate Results

When you’re interacting with mobile users, you’re engaging with them in real-time. This immediacy makes reaching your audience much quicker than other platforms. You can reach your consumers wherever they may be. Through mobile marketing, your potential customers can easily access your products and even purchase with the click of one button.

With a well-designed mobile marketing campaign, you can reach your audience faster and instantly convince them to make a purchase. You can do this by strategically creating an ad or social media or sending specifically targeted notifications.


Mobile marketing makes it easy to employ hyper localization as a part of your marketing techniques. You can localize your business by making your content available in a specific physical context. By localizing your ads, you can target specific consumers profiles. This type of marketing customization is hard to find in order communication channels.

Geofencing is one example of localization. With geofencing, you can establish a virtual barrier. In this barrier, you can send notifications to target potential customers.

Localization is helpful for e-commerce. You can use location data to find information about potential customers. This location data can help you tailor your business. Localization goes hand in hand with SEO. Having knowledge of these tools will help you maximize your mobile marketing capabilities.

Mobile Marketing Challenges

While there are many advantages to having a mobile marketing strategy, some challenges may come up. However, these challenges shouldn’t stop you from using this marketing tool. You can take these cons and use them to craft an effective mobile marketing strategy.

Keeping Attention

Business on social media happens fast. People using social media have short attention spans are there many options available. You should make sure that your content is compelling and there is no room for error. You should provide links that quickly take customers to your products. The checkout process should also be made easy and efficient.

Data Costs

It is important to consider the media when creating your content. Your marketing should be quickly accessible and should not require a lot of data usage. Most people don’t have access to unlimited mobile data; therefore, your content should not take up a lot of mobile data.

Now that you know the ins and outs of mobile media marketing, here are some steps on how you can create a strategy that is effective and yields quick results.

How to Build a Successful Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Create a User Profile

Knowing your audience is one of the first steps in any marketing strategy. By creating a mobile user profile, you understand specific keywords to target your potential customer base. To create a profile, you need to define the characteristics of your possible audience.

Some points to consider when creating a buyer persona include:

  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Education;
  • Job;
  • Hobbies or Interests;
  • Goals and Challenges.

Outlining these key points will help you create a buyer persona. In your buyer persona, you can also determine how often your target audience used their mobile phones. This information will help you target your ads.

There are various ways of researching buyer personas. You can provide potential customers with a survey or use analytical tools such as Google Analytics. Google Analytics has a specific section dedicated to mobile users. You can use this data to gain insight into potential mobile customers.

If you own a mobile flea market business, you can use buyer persona to target customers who enjoy shopping at flea markets. You can personalize your content to fit the needs of this particular profile.

Set Goals

Having a clear-cut set of goals will help you evaluate your marketing strategies' success. When you have measurable goals, you can see what aspects of your mobile marketing strategy work and which ones don’t.

Create User-Friendly Content

One of the biggest steps in perfecting a mobile marketing strategy is having content that works well for mobile phones. Your landing page should fit perfectly on the screen, and it should also be easy to navigate for users.

When you create mobile-friendly content, customers are more likely to interact with your business. As mentioned before, there should be little to no room for error in your content. Your content should be able to load quickly, and links should always be working.

Use Voice Search Optimization

Most, if not all, mobile users are always on the go. Many use voice search as an option instead of using their phones traditionally. With the popularity of Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, more and more people use voice search to get information.

Voice search is a great tool for e-commerce businesses. Businesses can use voice search as another aspect of their mobile marketing strategy. You can optimize voice search to make sure you reach your target audience.

You can do voice search optimization by getting to know the language of your customer base. This will help you understand how people are searching for your products. Your tone should be conversational and engaging.

Many people use personal assistants to get information or help. Voice search can be your source of providing customer service. You can use this to provide customers with helpful information about your business.

Create Videos

Visual aids are one of the best ways to market your products, and using computer vision techniques in marketing videos is an effective tool at convincing customers to buy a product. Having a well-produced video can be very persuasive for your customer base. When a customer sees a video of someone using your product, it’s easier for them to imagine themselves in that position.

When making videos for mobile, it’s important to create vertical videos as that is the preferred viewing method for many mobile users. Vertical videos also fit well on a mobile screen.

Be Engaging

Having high engagement is a surefire way of boosting your sales. You should create content that customers can connect and interact with. You can also increase engagement by providing quick responses to your customers.

The community often contributes to brand awareness and overall trust in certain brands, so engagement may be key element used in strategies for branding via social media.

Consumers are more likely to buy products from a business that they can personally connect with. Mobile marketing makes it easy to use this aspect as a marketing tool.

Create a Mobile App

A mobile app serves as a website for your business but in a mobile-friendly version. With a Mobile App, you can have all your business information in one place. You can create your own push notifications and have a wider range of marketing tools available.

You can also build your app according to the needs of your customer base. Having a fun and interactive app can attract potential customers. Apps are a great marketing tool if you want a fully customizable marketing strategy.

Conduct Personalized Campaigns

Personalization is a key component of mobile marketing. Nowadays, it’s a necessity to connect with your customers in order to grow your business.

Creating personalized ad campaigns makes your customers more likely to purchase your product or service. Personalized campaigns work great on social media or mobile apps. You can use your buyer personas to help personalize your campaigns.

Key Takeaways

The world of business is growing steadily, and businesses need to optimize any new marketing strategies. E-commerce is gaining popularity; therefore, it is important to implement effective mobile marketing strategies to boost online sales.

For your mobile marketing strategy, you should engage with customers and create content that is easily accessible. Optimizing mobile can yield great results and help grow your business.

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