How to Sell Products With Low Demand

How to sell products with low demand

Each seller has categories of goods that are in high and low demand. Usually, products that sell well have a lot of reviews and this encourages new customers to maintain seasonal or year-round demand.

Thus, sales on the site are unevenly distributed. As a result, it may happen that unpopular products will gather dust in a warehouse and this will disrupt the planned turnover in your online store, but how to make users pay attention to unpopular products and buy them?

According to our observations, unpopular products are sold 8-9% more often if there are reviews about them and sellers purposefully promote them on their website. But reviews alone are not enough and the sellers need to complete serious work to change the structure of sales.

How to start selling unpopular products?

How to start selling unpopular products?

People cannot spend much time on your site and view all products. Therefore, you must independently promote products with low demand. You can do this as follows:

1.   Set aside an area on the site for unpopular products and show them often to the visitors.

2.   Create unique content (articles in a blog, video or banner) to display products on which you want to focus.

3.   Create a collection of products and email it to your customers.

4.   Increase the product page views and purchase of goods with the help of the Wiremo platform.

We made sure that all these items play a big role, but, in our opinion, it is also necessary to work with the target audience that is already loyal to your online store. Your past customers have confidence in the site and in the goods they already bought, so if you work with them, you can achieve a significant increase in conversion through direct contact and display of unpopular goods. How to do it?  Very simple.

You can promote individual products or product categories through emails. Send your past customer a letter of thanks for their purchase and offer him a discount on the product you want to sell. Since the client is loyal to your site, the lack of reviews on an unpopular product should not concern him, especially with the offered discount on the purchase. Even if he doesn’t need this product, he can offer a friend or relative to use the discount. This will allow you to expand the audience that knows about your store and your products.

If the client has bought several products, it makes no sense to ask him about the product which already has reviews and a good rating. Choose a less popular product from the list and ask in the email to leave a review in the description of this product. Thus, you will stimulate activity exactly where you need it.

As soon as the first reviews begin to appear on the product page, do not disregard them. The convenience of the Wiremo is that it allows you to react to the reviews in two clicks. Users who will see your activity will be more loyal.

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Avoid platitudes

As practice shows, the use of all the Wiremo features allows you to increase the conversion of goods with low demand by 17%. But our clients ask why they do not always succeed in achieving such results. After analyzing their requests, we came to the conclusion that their interaction with customers is too banal.

If you want to communicate with your customers, request a review or show a new product to them, you do not need to start a correspondence with the words “Rate our product” or “Do you like our site?”. Hundreds of companies make the same mistake, adhering to cliché patterns.

It is very important that your request to customers is emotional and expresses concern for the interests of buyers.

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For example, if a customer made a purchase a long time ago and you want to show him a product with low demand, send him an email with the subject “We selected new products for you”, “We give you a 10% discount on products from the “N” category” and so on.

Personalized propositions always worked better. No need to tell the customer that this product is unpopular and beg for reviews from him. On the contrary, present the good in such a way that the client thinks that it was selected specifically for him and that it should certainly be purchased.

What to do if the goods have no reviews?

What to do if the goods have no reviews?

If the product does not have a single review, we recommend that you turn on the Wiremo carousel and set up display of reviews about the site on the product page. This way, you can gain the trust of buyers. They will not see information about the product but will see that users make purchases and trust your site. That is, you are not deceiving your customers, but simply giving them slightly different information than what they want to see.

Use these strategies and constantly invent something new. Remember that the site should not have products that are not being sold. Learn to influence demand and then you will be three steps ahead of the competitors.  


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