Wix Payments Complete Overview [+Comparison Table]


Building a strong authority online as a seller requires the use of the perfect payment gateways for your Wix eCommerce store.

Also, note that any payment gateway you opt for, determines the security and convenience of transactions on your online store.

One of the payment processors to use on your Wix site is Wix Payments. It's free to set up this payment method that allows merchants to receive 5 currencies.

Wix payments provide a secure, fast and convenient payment option for online business and eCommerce owners to receive payments.

What's more, this payment method is convenient for customers to use. Additionally, it allows you to accept card payments and you won't have to incorporate a third-party gateway.

Even then, is it a good option for your online store? Can it guarantee secure and convenient transactions?

Let’s find out.

Understanding Wix Payments

Wix payments are a payment processor you can use to accept online debit and credit card transactions and others. More than that, it’s an in-house payment gateway created by Wix for Wix eCommerce stores only, which guarantees 100% compatibility.

The best part is that it eliminates the need for third-party plugins or platforms. In addition, the payment gateway is an all-in-one platform. Meaning, you can manage everything (orders, payments, and more) from one place.

Moreover, it accept a wide range of credit and debit cards like Visa, Discover, CUP, MasterCard, Amex, JCB, Diners, and Maestro. Other payment methods include iDEAL, Pay Now by Klarna, and Giropay, depending on your location.

For instance, merchants in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Austria can accept payments through Pay Now by Klarna.

On the other hand, online sellers in Germany can use Giropay, while those in the Netherlands can use iDeal to accept payments. The mentioned countries are the only ones that Wix allows integrating the specified payment method with Wix payments.

If your location is the Netherlands, here’s how to connect iDEAL through Wix Payments:

Dashboard > Accept Payments >Wix Payments > Connect (it will connect automatically). German merchants can connect to Giropay through Wix Payments by the following steps.

Dashboard > Accept Payments >Giropay> Connect Me (follow the prompts to integrate Wix Payments with Giropay).

In addition, note that Wix payments isn’t the only transaction gateway you can use in your store. Wix allows offering customers several payment options to enhance transaction convenience.

Other Wix payment options (besides Wix payments) include:

  • PayPal;
  • AliPay;
  • Point of Sale (POS) is available for select U.S merchants only;
  • Manual payments - accept offline payments like cheques and cash.

In general, Wix has 50+ payment gateways you can use in your eCommerce store.

What can you do with Wix Payments?

Apart from processing payments in your store, it also allows you to:

  • Monitor all transactions from a unified dashboard;
  • Manage your store’s payout schedule;
  • Process chargebacks and refunds;
  • Offer flexible payments like subscriptions and memberships;
  • Enjoy a dedicated 24/7 customer support.

Who can use Wix Payments?

While Wix payments is a perfect transaction processor for Wix eCommerce stores, not everyone can use it. It comes with some conditions or rules.

Firstly, not all products can be sold or bought through Wix payments. Secondly, you must subscribe to one of Wix’s business plans, and lastly, your location matters - Wix payments are only available in selected countries.

Note: The currencies accepted are for the selected countries.

Let’s dig deeper.

  • Wix Payments Supported Countries

It’s so unfortunate that Wix Payments is available in only 15 countries. For example, this selection is pretty small compared with other payment processors like PayPal that are available in over 200 countries.

The 15 countries (and their currencies) are:

  1. Belgium (EUR);
  2. Netherlands (EUR);
  3. United States (USD);
  4. Germany (EUR);
  5. Italy (EUR);
  6. United Kingdom (GBP);
  7. Ireland (EUR);
  8. Brazil (BRL);
  9. Spain (EUR);
  10. Switzerland (CHF);
  11. Portugal (EUR);
  12. Lithuania (EUR);
  13. Finland (EUR);
  14. Austria (EUR);
  15. Canada (CAD).

If your country is not on the above list, forget to use Wix Payments as a transaction gateway in your Wix eCommerce store.

  • Wix Payments Prohibited Products

Apart from country restrictions, Wix Payments prohibit transactions tied to several specific products. Certainly, not all businesses can use the payment processor in their eCommerce store.

The list of banned businesses/products include:

  1.   Adult content, products, and services, e.g. adult books, magazines, videos, sexually-oriented massage parlors, saunas, and fetish products;
  2.   Financial businesses like Instalment payment methods(buy now, pay later), shell banks, and monetized E-wallet or e-money;
  3.   Intellectual Property;
  4.   Non-profit organizations like charities and crowd funding;
  5.   Regulated products and services like alcohol sales, drugs or tools for making drugs, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, prescription medicine, Tobacco, or other smoking supplies.

The above list is a small fraction of Wix Payments’ prohibited products. The list is long, going up to 53 products. Check the complete list here.

Note that if you’re using Wix payments, you’re responsible for checking and ensuring that whatever you’re selling on your site is off the list of prohibited products or businesses.

Trying to sell forbidden products or services via Wix Payments attracts heavy penalties. Wix will close or suspend your Wix Payments account, block or withhold funds and in some cases, return the funds to the relevant customers. In all instances, you’re on the losing end.

The thing is, Wix is trying to remain compliant with regulators and authorities or stay in line with financial partners and other payment processors while eliminating illegal activities and products. Therefore, confirm that you only sell allowed products when using Wix Payments.

Wix Business Plans - Subscribe to One to Use Wix Payments

While Wix allows creating a business store for free, you must subscribe to one of Wix's payment plans to use Wix Payments as your transaction gateway.

Here are Wix’s business and eCommerce plans.

  1. Basic - U.S. $ 17 per month;
  2. Unlimited - U.S. $ 25 per month;
  3. VIP -U.S. $35 per month.

Wix Payments Fees

Setting up and using Wix payments in your eCommerce store is free. Meaning, no transaction fees, which apply to all payment methods compatible with Wix eCommerce stores.

This feature is unique to Wix eCommerce stores, resulting in Wix standing out among competitors like Shopify, where you must use Shopify Payments to evade the transaction fees.

Like all payment gateways, Wix Payments has standard processing fees, which are charges for funds wired to your account. Interestingly, no additional cost when handling refunds or processing chargebacks.

Think of chargebacks in your Wix Payments account as the automatic return of funds to your customer’s credit card company due to multiple charges, fraud, canceled recurring transactions, or defective/counterfeit/unreceived products and services.

What’s the difference between chargebacks and refunds?

Refunds involve two parties (your business vs. customers), while chargebacks involve three parties (your business Vs. customers Vs. credit or debit card providers)

Despite this, know that Wix payments processing fees vary with region and currency. The table below gives a better view of the processing charges - remember, Wix Payments is available in 15 countries only.

Yet, Wix Payments is a better gateway to manage transactions from a central place without the need for third-party influence. But how does it compare with other payment processors allowed in your Wix eCommerce store? Is it better than PayPal and Stripe?

Let’s look at how they compare.

Comparison table of Wix Payments Vs. PayPal. Vs. Stripe (For Wix eCommerce stores)

Payment Gateway Number of Supported countries Processing Fees Number of supported currencies On-site Checkout Chargeback & Refund Fees
Wix Payments 15 2.9% of the transaction amount + 0.30% 5 Yes No
Stripe 42 2.9%of transaction fee + 0.30 135+ No $15
PayPal 200+ 2.9%of transaction fee + 0.30 25 No $20

From the above table, the most significant disadvantages of Wix Payments are that it supports a narrow range of countries and currencies, locking out dozens of businesses from integrating it on their eCommerce store.

The only advantages it has over other Wix payment gateways are that it allows one-place management of transactions and on-site payment checkout.

This helps improve customer experience on your online shop (no redirection of customers to third-party pages to make payments). Plus, you don’t have charges for chargebacks and refunds.

On the other hand, PayPal and Stripe are available in a wide range of countries and support many currencies. Wix Payments beats the two when it comes to on-store checkouts, chargebacks, and refund fees.

So, which payment gateway is better among the three?

For example, instead of choosing the perfect match for your online store, offer all if possible to provide customers with more payment options. You can easily provide PayPal alongside Wix Payments. However, you can't use Stripe alongside Wix Payments.

Security and Compliance

Opting for a payment gateway means that you have to pay close attention to the level of security of transactions. After all, you don’t want to risk exposing critical customer credentials or details to malicious third parties.

Wix Payments is secure for all transactions on your Wix eCommerce store. Wix Payments adheres with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). PCI DSS features the highest security standards for companies, organizations, or businesses that accept credit and debit card payments.

It offers maximum confidentiality and privacy protection of all card data in online transactions by eliminating online theft, data breaches or fraud.

And provided Wix Payments complies with all the security standards, it guarantees immunity against compromise by cybercriminals in all transactions in your store.

Who is Wix Payments for?

If you’re looking for a payment gateway that offers an all-in-one platform to receive and manage transactions and eliminate the need for third-party payment processors, Wix Payments is your ideal choice.

However, ensure you have a loyal fan base that knows and trusts you. Otherwise, you’ll risk missing sales from customers who prefer other familiar payment methods like PayPal.

But provided you can use Wix Payments alongside other payment options, leverage the opportunity to provide customers with a wide range of choices.

How to Set Up Wix Payments

You’ve heard a lot about Wix Payments. You know what it is, supported countries and currencies, some of the prohibited products, other payment options apart from it and how they compare, processing fees, and how secure the payment gateway is for your online shop.

Now let’s dive into how to set it up in your Wix eCommerce store.

Step#1: Create a Wix Payments Account

  • Log in to your Wix eCommerce Store and navigate to your site’s dashboard. Next, click on the Accept Payments tab.
  • You’ll see Wix Payments and then click on the Connect button beside it.

  • Hit the Complete Setup tab. Here, you can enable the payments method that coincides with Wix Payments, e.g. iDeal and Sofort.
  • Time for a keen comparison. Compare your products and services against the Wix Payments prohibited services and products list. This step is critical. Extreme keenness is necessary.

After that, confirm  one of the options below:

  1. I confirm that I’m NOT selling any of the above;
  2. I am selling some of these products and services on my site.
  • Select your business option under Business Type.

  •         Individual/Sole Proprietorship: if you run your business as a sole entrepreneur, choose this.
  •         Partnership/ Ltd/Liability Co./Corporation/ NGO: If you’re not a solo entrepreneur, this is your choice.
  • Fill in your details - identification information, bank details, address, business description, and business information.
  • Check Wix Payments’ terms and conditions and click on the checkboxes.
  • Click submit.

Step #2. Wait for Approval and Verification

For instance, here you’ll wait for several business days, after which Wix notifies you of the verification status through email and your site’s dashboard.

Moreover, upon approval, your Wix Payments account will be ready to receive payments from your customers.

Customer Support - Wix Payments Help Center

At some point, when interacting with Wix payments, you can get overwhelmed with all the loads of information you must process, like checking the terms and conditions, reviewing the prohibited contact list, and many other activities.

In such moments, contacting the Wix customer care department can save you a great deal of time and get you quality feedback.

That said, here are what to do when asking for customer care support:

  • When you visit the Wix contact page, select the right topic related to what you seek. For instance, if you have queries tied to billings, subscriptions, and charges, select that topic when sending your inquiry.

Additionally, you can be directed fast to the specific customer care expert (for that category) and get feedback as quickly as possible.

  • Be descriptive. State your exact problem in clear and straightforward language.

With that in mind, know that Wix offers customer support in different languages at different callback operating hours. Here is a shortlist of some of the customer support languages and their respective response hours.

Language Callback Operating hours
Portuguese 24/7
English 24/7
German Monday-Friday 9 AM-6 PM GMT+1
French Monday-Friday 9 AM-6 PM GMT+2
Spanish 24/7
Hebrew Sunday-Thursday 8 AM-9 PM, Friday 8 AM-2 PM GMT+3
Russian Monday-Friday 8 AM-5 PM GMT+1
Japanese Monday-Friday 8 AM-5 PM JST
Italian Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM +1


  • The setup process is free and easy;
  • No fees for chargebacks and refunds, unlike Shopify Payments that imposes $15 per chargeback;
  • Eliminates the need for third-party payment gateways;
  • Provides a central location to manage payouts, refunds, chargebacks, and customer payments;
  • It offers a wide range of payment methods like debit and credit cards, Pay Now by Klarna, iDeal, and Giropay;
  • Dedicated customer support team to tackle your questions and solve your problems as fast as possible;
  • You are not limited to Wix Payments. You can use other transaction gateways like PayPal;
  • Wix Payments improves user experience in your eCommerce store because customers can checkout without getting redirected to a third-party page;
  • Wix Payments complies with the PCI DSS security standards to process a secure online transaction.


  • Limited to a narrow range of countries (15 countries), which is to say, it is not for everyone. If your location is in one of those countries, forget to use it in an eCommerce store;
  • It features a huge list of prohibited products that locks out dozens of businesses from using this payment processor to process transactions on their site;
  • You must finish the setup process within 30 days after the first payment. Failure to do so, any payments you’ve received get refunded to the customers;
  • Some languages supported in customer care have limited hours than others. This can be pretty unfair. Why offer customer support 24/7 in one language and limit another to 5 AM-5 PM (Monday-Friday).

Wix Payments FAQ

  1. Can I sell my products and services in multiple currencies? 

No. It can accept 5 currencies, but you must choose one for your eCommerce store. No selling in multiple currencies at a go, a challenge if your store is available in multi-language.

Beyond that, the currency you opt for in your eCommerce site depends on your bank account’s location (if you run under an individual account) or the country your business is registered (if you operate a business account).

  1. What compliance or Security Measures are there? 

Apart from full compliance to PCI DSS, Wix Payments adheres to the Payment Services Directive and Common Secure Communication (PSD2 SCS), which is among the strictest compliance standards that enhance solid security for online transactions.

Besides that, it grants secure online transactions since all Wix eCommerce stores run on the secure protocol (HTTPS).

This means, your Wix online store has TLS/SSL certificates that offer complex encryption for secure checkouts in your shop.

Plus, Wix servers undergo thorough hacker testing to protect your online store from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Lastly, Wix has a dedicated team that monitors Wix eCommerce stores 24/7 for any suspicious activity. That way, any threat or third party trying to compromise Wix Payments transactions is more likely to fail.

  1. Can I use Wix Payments to sell using Subscriptions? 

Yes. Wix Payments allows one-off and recurring payments like memberships, subscriptions, and packages.

  1. How often will I receive payouts?

When using Wix Payments, you get to choose the payout cycle that suits your needs. You have the options of daily, weekly, or monthly payout cycles.

For the part of weekly payouts, you’ll receive your funds in your account every Monday. Monthly payouts get processed on the first day of every month.

  1. Is there a minimum charge amount when using Wix Payments? 

Yes. There’s a minimum charge amount for particular transactions depending on your region. Check out the list below.

  • Brazil: 1BRL;
  • U.K.: 1GBP;
  • United States: 1 USD;
  • Canada: 1 CAD;
  • European supported countries: 1 EUR;
  • Switzerland: 1 CHF.
  1. What are the terms and conditions? 

For all the countries supported by Wix Payments except Brazil, click here to read the terms and conditions. For terms and conditions of using it in Brazil, click here.

Should You Use It?

While Wix Payments is available in a few countries, it’s a good idea to integrate it into your online store if it’s available in your country.

As a Wix eCommerce user, you can use Wix Payments and take advantage of its zero fees on chargebacks and refunds.

Plus, you can leverage the centralized management of transactions and on-store checkouts to improve user experience on your Wix eCommerce store and drive more sales.

Better yet, Wix Payments has zero penalties if you decide to use it alongside other compatible payment gateways like PayPal and blends with dozens of payment methods. In return, customers can pick what fits them when buying from your online store.

All in all, Wix Payments is among the main payment methods you can offer your customers for seamless payment processing. Good thing is that you can manage this payment method from a centralized dashboard.


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