Full-Service Marketing Agency: What Is It?

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As a business owner, you’ve probably heard of full-service marketing agencies. You’ve probably also wondered how your business could benefit from contracting one. In this article, we’re looking into exactly what a full-service marketing agency is and what they do.

Plus, perhaps most importantly, what advantages you can draw from switching up the way you do your marketing and integrating this type of agency in your team.

 What Is a Full-Service Marketing Agency?

Although the name makes things pretty clear, let’s see what a full-service marketing agency actually is.

A full-service marketing agency offers complete marketing services, from A to Z. Whatever you need from marketing strategies to advertising, event planning, branding, design, and content, they do it all. And, sometimes, more.

Full-service marketing agencies are made up of skilled specialists. Specialists that are equipped to handle different marketing-related tasks across multiple different processes and platforms.

They have dedicated teams that can cater to any of your business’ marketing needs and can easily customize the services they provide to fit your exact requirements.

This is especially convenient as you have the luxury of only paying for the services you need. Not to mention that you will be benefiting from the optimized prices they have the luxury of offering as a specialized, full-service company.

Whereas, if you have an in-house team, you will be paying them full time even when you may not need all of their skills.

In fact, hiring a full-service marketing agency may be the most cost-effective business decision you make. This is because they can:

  • Tailor their services based on a thorough analysis of your specific marketing goals;
  • Optimize spending by recommending the most efficient means to reach your goals in the shortest time possible;
  • Offer discounted prices, much lower than the costs of hiring in-house professionals.

Full-service marketing agencies come with one more important benefit. That is, more accountability and predictability. The contract you sign with a full-service marketing agency can include clear deadlines for each goal and details on how success is measured.

Therefore, you will know exactly where you need to be each step of the way and avoid any surprises relating to costs and reaching your milestones.

 What Services Does a Full-Service Marketing Agency Provide?

A full-service marketing agency is fully equipped to handle marketing strategies and campaigns across different channels and platforms. Based on your business goals, they can develop game plans and cohesively create the tactics required to hit the required targets.

An experienced agency can offer you teams of skilled professionals and the best solutions for:

  • Branding (including logo, packaging design, etc.);
  • Full-support website and landing page development;
  • Search engine optimization (particularly small business SEO is both easy to get in and demand is virtually infinite);
  • Event marketing;
  • Media and PR services;
  • Social media strategies, planning, and management;
  • Content marketing including content writing, graphic design, video content;
  • Finding the right emails of the right people, and preparing lead generation strategies;
  • Marketing automation;
  • Paid advertising;
  • Influencer marketing.

Benefits of a Full-Service Marketing Agency

A full-service marketing agency can deliver unparalleled results and help you reach your business goals faster and cheaper.

The many benefits an agency can deliver include:

Improving Workflow

An in-house marketing team can sometimes struggle to communicate with and gather information from other departments. Either due to lack of clear procedures or accountability or because different departments tend to speak different “work languages”.

It’s an issue many companies struggle with.

This lack of company inter-connection can cause disruptions and delays in implementing your marketing strategies and affect their overall success.

On top of this, in-house marketing teams are more likely to advance your goals through trial-and-error tactics. This, in turn, means more money and time spent learning what not to do instead of delivering results.

Thanks to their unique talent pool and wide-range expertise, full-service marketing agencies can:

  • Offer you more cohesive strategies;
  • Implement more effective workflow procedures and;
  • Use their knowhow to recommend tactics that are proven to deliver results.

Hiring a full-service marketing agency allows you to focus on other company goals.

The agency will take charge of:

  • Researching the best solutions that suit your goals;
  • Organizing the team that can deliver the skills and expertise you need;
  • Organizing communication with your departments to gather information and data;
  • Implementing each step of your marketing strategies;
  • Making sure each milestone is achieved and the desired outcomes are obtained.

Access to the Best Specialists

Hiring and training staff can take a significant toll on a company’s budget. It’s one of the biggest expenses you can incur as a business owner. Plus, it takes a lot of time and effort.

That’s not to say that you can’t find extremely valuable staff by sourcing them yourself. It’s just that it will take you a long time to do it, and they may only know part of what you need them to. You’ll have to invest in training them and then worry about keeping them on board to deliver the results you expect.

On the other hand, you have full-service marketing agencies. You can think of agencies like a powerhouse or a special task force.

Having the support of an entire team of highly trained experts is an invaluable advantage. And you won’t have to do a thing to source or retain them.

This is basically one of the main advantages of working with a full-service marketing agency. The fact that you gain access to a wide range of experts. Each with unique expertise in their field and is capable of delivering the best results on different channels and platforms.

You won’t be burdened with trying to scout, train, and retrain marketing professionals. Instead, it will all be served to you on a plate.

Whether you need a social media content specialist, a branding specialist or an SEO master,, an experienced agency can offer you the best. Simply because their marketing teams have:

  • A broader skillset;
  • Access to more resources and technologies;
  • And more experience.

With the capacity to create and implement cross-functional campaigns, the experienced professionals you find in a top-tier agency can optimize your workflow, your marketing operations, and your marketing spending.

Invaluable Insight

A full-service marketing agency’s experience comes with its own range of benefits. Their unmatched industry insight, wide range of connections, and professional perspective can open up immense opportunities for your business.

Instead of wasting time trying out different ways of attracting the right types of customers and growing your business, an agency can give you access to tested and reliable solutions. Solutions that they have come to learn and develop throughout their exposure to many different platforms and campaigns.

That knowledge comes from experience and also creating various relationships throughout the years. And while it may now seem so at first glance, the relationships with other publishers and online authority websites play a critical role and can be all the difference between a successful campaign and a failure.

Its influence is seen in every aspect of digital marketing, ranging from less technical matters (like getting you on the right podcasts) to issues related to the technical SEO side, like link building and outreach.

This deep understanding of the way things work acquired through constantly testing and implementing different strategies allows them to precisely and effectively target your audience.


Let’s talk about costs now. After all, it’s one of the most important aspects of running a business. And one of the core issues you’re worried about.

You may be wondering whether “full-service” doesn’t also mean “over-priced”. Or whether it means you pay for more services than you need.

Yes, one of the biggest advantages full-service marketing agencies provide is access to unique talents and resources. But that’s not the catch when it comes to cost-efficiency.

The catch is that with a full-service marketing agency, you get to pick and choose what you spend money on. This offers you the unique benefit of spending money only on what can bring you money.

In addition, agencies save you a large part of the money you’d be spending on in-house teams. With an agency, you won’t have to worry about costs associated with:

  • Talent recruitment;
  • Team training;
  • Resources for in-house teams like office space, specialized software, etc..

On top of this, agencies help you limit your overall spending by optimizing your marketing strategies.

A full-service marketing agency will first assess your objectives. Then, they will assess your current marketing strategies. Once they have this information, they will research the best means to achieve your goals.

Finally, using the acquired data and their valuable insight, they can recommend the most suitable course of action.

Agencies help you take the guesswork out of your marketing and out of your budget, increasing your ROI.

You will no longer be investing in potentially viable solutions. Using specialized systems, agencies will tailor your marketing strategies based on analytical data that next to guarantee the right outcomes. Their industry expertise will make each dollar count and bring you one step closer to your goals with each campaign.

 They’re Always On Hand

With full-service marketing agencies, you have the advantage of being able to scale your marketing operations at any time. Up or down, you decide.

You save valuable time and a lot of money by having access to the experts you need when you need them.

Even if you already have an in-house marketing team, a marketing agency can complement their efforts and lend a hand whenever you need to outsource work.

Agencies can supply the services and staff you need whether you:

  • Have a new product launch coming up;
  • Need seasonal help in achieving your marketing goals;
  • Are missing in-house specialists for a specific task or project.

How to Choose a Full-Service Marketing Agency?

Once you’ve decided a full-service marketing agency is a right next step for your business goals, it’s time to find one that can actually deliver.

To find the agency that can take you from 0 to 100, you’ll first need to be absolutely clear on what you want to achieve:

  • Reach a broader audience?
  • Increase conversion rates?
  • Access a new market?
  • Supercharge your current marketing efforts?
  • Radically change the way you’ve been handling your marketing?

Once you know exactly what you want, you can explore available options and narrow down the ideal agency.

 The ideal agency should be:

  • Familiar with your industry;
  • Have a network of relevant media and industry partners;
  • Have a portfolio of similar projects and also provide case studies;
  • Qualified to provide the specific services you need;
  • Experienced in cross-channel strategies;
  • Capable of successfully implementing campaigns across different platforms;
  • Able to provide flexible service package options;
  • Able to provide full details regarding costs;
  • Capable of creating customized strategies and plans that align with your goals;
  • Capable of providing data on specific milestones and expected results.

You should also check their core competencies and mix of employees and contractors to understand if they are a good fit and have the ability to deliver the results you need.

Your best bet is to choose an agency that can mix digital and traditional marketing tactics. This way, you can be sure you cover all of the aspects that will secure your success.

Make sure you provide the chosen agency with the following info to help them tailor the best strategies:

  • Details about your industry and activity;
  • Details about the size of your company, your company history, and your target audience;
  • Your goals and the deadlines you want to achieve them by;
  • The elements that separate you from the competition;
  • The main benefits you offer clients.


A full-service marketing agency can accelerate your company’s growth and help you achieve your business goals. They have the skills and experience required to design cohesive strategies that align with your brand’s vision and style and can cover all your marketing needs from beginning to end.

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An outsourced marketing agency can be a reliable partner, helping you navigate your options and employing all the right resources to guarantee your success.

If you’ve been on the fence about handing over your marketing operations to someone outside your organization, you can rest assured that contracting an experienced full-service marketing agency will only benefit your company and advance its progress.

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