Complete List: All The Squarespace Fonts Guide

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User Interface is an important component of web design. It shapes the experience visitors have on a website. The UI combines striking visual elements, including transitions, animation, and screen layout. Websites are designed to convey the business’s message to its target audience. 

Typography completes a web design and gives meaning to visuals. Along with visual hierarchy, typography guides the visitors through the webpage. This component makes up 95% of a web design.

Choice of font plays a crucial role in building an exceptional online user experience. Designers keep various aspects in mind while choosing typography for a webpage design, including text length, size, and font choice. All these aspects enable visitors to read and understand the business message.

In this article, we will learn about different types of Squarespace fonts and how we can use them to bolster a website’s readability and user experience. Scroll down and see for yourself! We’ll be giving you all the details you need to decide on the best font or font combination for your business.

But first, let’s learn what Squarespace is and why it is used.

What Is Squarespace?

Squarespace is one of the most popular and widely used website builders. Creatives and website designers can use this tool to create aesthetic and incredible websites. squarespace fonts

Source: Squarespace 

Using this website builder is easy for creative minds as it doesn’t require coding knowledge. Today, everyone can use Squarespace to design brilliant websites. This tool makes it simpler with built-in checkout tools and a custom domain.

squarespace fonts 5

Source: Squarespace Themes

You need to create an account with Squarespace to use this tool. Once that’s out of the way, you need to look for an appropriate template for your website. Web designers can edit this template to suit the requirements of the business. 

The reason this website builder is equally popular among web designers and creative minds is its plethora of beautiful designs. It is the top choice for building featureful eCommerce websites and selling spaces.

Some of the most beautiful websites built on this platform include Sadie Williams's fashion designing website and Keanu Reeve’s business site. So, if you are looking for a website builder that sets your website apart from the crowd while helping the SEO of your website, then Squarespace is the answer.

 Why Use Squarespace Fonts?

As mentioned earlier, typography is the component that completes a design and gives visuals meaning. Your choice of font can make or break the User Experience of your website. Fonts have the power to take a bland, boring or unappealing layout to an aesthetic, professional and credible website design. All it takes is a quick swap of fonts on the Squarespace backend.

Squarespace is a website builder that has been integrated with a variety of outstanding font options. Users can switch to a new font that better suits their website in a matter of clicks. Since hundreds of fonts are available on Squarespace, it is hard to pick the best option for your business.

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Source: Squarespace Themes

The best way to keep your web design simple, clean, and memorable is to stick to fewer fonts. Using font pairings is the best way to introduce new fonts into your web design. Go for a combination of two or three fonts that complement each other. If you use more than three fonts in your web design, it may cause cognitive overload and overwhelm website visitors.

 Squarespace is built with hundreds of unique fonts and font pairings. This means the user doesn’t have to type custom codes to change the font according to the website’s requirements. If your goal is to stand out from the crowd, you should pick unique fonts available on Squarespace. However, ensure that the font you choose fits your brand’s personality. The right font type will take your website’s design to the next level.

Squarespace Fonts List

Are you having trouble finding your go-to font pairing? There are over hundreds of fonts available on Squarespace. 

Here is a list of free Squarespace fonts list in which we have covered the best font options.

  1. Amiko
  2. Coustard
  3. Amatic SC
  4. Emblema One
  5. Cormorant Garamond
  6. Cabin
  7. Belleza
  8. Libre Franklin
  9. Signika
  10. Parisienne
  11. Cabin Sketch
  12. Racing Sans One
  13. Oranienbaum
  14. Space Mono
  15. Lato
  16. Quattrocento
  17. League Gothic
  18. Underdog
  19. Anton
  20. Kumar One
  21. Antic
  22. Bungee Outline
  23. Ramabhadra
  24. Mav Pro
  25. Lobster
  26. Rakkas
  27. Josefin Sans
  28. Limelight
  29. Bebas Neue
  30. Heebo
  31. Trocchi
  32. Mokoko
  33. Sue Ellen Francisco
  34. Gochi Hand
  35. Coiny
  36. Trochut
  37. Londrina Shadow
  38. Cutive
  39. Berkshire Swash
  40. Oswald
  41. Hammersmith One
  42. Rajdhani
  43. Buenard
  44. Great Vibes
  45. Archivo Black
  46. Lekton
  47. Cairo
  48. Fascinate Inline
  49. Noticia Text
  50. Gloria Hallelujah
  51. Nunito
  52. Maitree
  53. Pro Aileron
  54. Squada One
  55. Noto Serif
  56. Anonymous Pro
  57. Courgette
  58. Dekko
  59. Mallanna
  60. Yeseva One
  61. Advent
  62. Tensor Sans
  63. Montserrat
  64. Carter One
  65. Courier Prime
  66. Ovo
  67. Vampira One
  68. Chewy
  69. Gruppo
  70. Cuprum
  71. Mirza
  72. Sriracha
  73. Noto Sans
  74. Redressed
  75. Belgrano
  76. Lancelot
  77. Megrim
  78. Sacramento
  79. Radley
  80. Wallter Turncoat
  81. Merriweather Sans
  82. Alice Alike
  83. Quando
  84. Sorts Mill Goudy
  85. Bree Serif
  86. Asset
  87. Chicken Script
  88. Black Ops One
  89. Coming Soon
  90. Questrial
  91. Alef
  92. Exo
  93. Cormorant SC
  94. Yara One
  95. Bitter
  96. Raleway Dots
  97. Grand Hotel
  98. Mogra
  99. Quicksand
  100. Fira Sans
  101. Satisfy
  102. Kumar One Outline
  103. Cagliostro
  104. Erica One
  105. Bangers
  106. Yannone Kaffeestaz
  107. Dosis
  108. Monda
  109. Rubik One
  110. Pathway Gothic One
  111. Antic Didone
  112. Rokkit
  113. Josefin Slab
  114. Wellfleet
  115. Euphoria Script
  116. Crushed
  117. Hero Van Muellerhoff
  118. Playfair Display
  119. Roboto Mono
  120. Freckle Face
  121. League Script
  122. Open Sans
  123. Allura
  124. Asap
  125. Ropa Sans
  126. Titillium Web
  127. Martel Sans
  128. Andika
  129. Libre Baskerville
  130. Suranna
  131. Glass Antiqua
  132. Suez one
  133. Volkhorn
  134. Kite One
  135. Graduate
  136. Diplomata SC
  137. Assistant
  138. Merriweather
  139. Podkova
  140. Dr. Sugiyama
  141. PT Sans
  142. Lilita One
  143. Sanchez
  144. Rasa
  145. Caveat Brush
  146. Muli
  147. ABeeZee
  148. Farmhand Sans
  149. Amaranth
  150. Rufina
  151. Oregano
  152. Rozha One
  153. Unna
  154. Contrail One
  155. Arimo
  156. Lemonada
  157. Playfair Display SC
  158. Roboto
  159. Kalam
  160. Chango
  161. Allerta Stencil
  162. Prata
  163. Pacifico
  164. Luckiest Guy
  165. Duru Sans
  166. Forum
  167. Lustria
  168. Comfortaa Light
  169. Lalezar
  170. Athiti
  171. Sigmar One
  172. Yellowtail
  173. Over The Rainbow
  174. Raleway
  175. Droid Serif
  176. Yesteryear
  177. Six Caps
  178. Sniglet
  179. Source Sans Pro
  180. Farsan
  181. Vast Shadow
  182. Londrina Solid
  183. Michroma
  184. Kurale
  185. Caveat
  186. Bentham
  187. Balloo
  188. Karma
  189. Varela Round
  190. Scope One
  191. Cantara One
  192. Pinyon Script
  193. Gilda Display
  194. Maiden Orange
  195. Cardo
  196. Quintessential
  197. Abril Fatface
  198. Crimson
  199. Arbutus Slab
  200. Laila
  201. Arapey
  202. Capriola
  203. Rubik Mono
  204. Lobster Two
  205. Sahitya
  206. Ubuntu
  207. Roboto Slab
  208. Liberation Sans
  209. Arima Madurai
  210. Oleo Script
  211. Jura
  212. Old Standard
  213. Alfa Slab One
  214. Tangerine
  215. Bungee
  216. Corban
  217. Kaushan Script
  218. News Cycle
  219. Stardos Stencil
  220. Alegreya
  221. Bad Script
  222. Vidaloka
  223. Crafty Girls
  224. IBX Plex Serif
  225. Ledger
  226. Eczar
  227. Atma
  228. PT Serif
  229. Kavoon
  230. Londrina Sketch
  231. Julius Sans One
  232. Dancing Script
  233. Cinzel
  234. Chathura
  235. Fascinate
  236. Nixie One
  237. Didact Gothic
  238. IBX Plex Sans
  239. Chau Philomene
  240. Bevan
  241. Permanent Marker
  242. Francois One
  243. Candal
  244. Bungee Shade
  245. Give You Glory
  246. Glegoo
  247. Lora
  248. Passion One
  249. Ultra
  250. Arvo
  251. Martel
  252. Fredoka One
  253. Homemade Apple
  254. Architects Daughter
  255. March Script
  256. Life Savers
  257. IBX Plex Mono
  258. Special Elite
  259. Ribeye
  260. Just Another Hand
  261. Niconne
  262. Mr. Dafoe
  263. Marcellus

Can I customize fonts for my Squarespace website?

Yes! Squarespace is a website building and hosting platform, and what is a website without words? You’ll have to choose a font for every bit of text you want to add to your website. Squarespace fonts are sourced from various creative platforms such as Adobe and Google. This means there is a huge variety for you to choose from. 

Even if this looks like a clear plus point, it also makes choosing the perfect font a nerve-racking process.

squarespace fonts 3

Source: Adobe Stock 

The font you choose plays a huge role in establishing brand identity and how anyone who visits your website will remember your brand. Besides, any major font change is not advisable once you have started using one combination. This is because consistency holds a lot of value in business and goes a long way in strengthening trust between you and your clients.

Can I Add Fonts To Squarespace?

Squarespace lets you use custom fonts you obtained somewhere else or maybe even designed yourself. Next, simply follow these instructions:

1)      Click the Design button

2)      Click Custom CSS

3)      Scroll down and click Manage Custom Files

4)      Select your .tff, .otf, .woff or .woff2 file

5)      Once it’s uploaded, go to Custom CSS again and paste the following lines of code in the Custom CSS input field:

 @font-face {

font-family: 'FontTitle';

    src: URL('FontURL');


Replace FontTitle with any name of your choice to add a font to Squarespace. Note down the spelling. Now backspace the text that says FontURL and click between the two brackets. Next, select the font file from Manage Custom Files. This will paste your font’s URL into the right place in the code.

Next, you can assign a category to each font. Paste the following lines of code into the Custom CSS box:

h1 {

font-family: 'YourFont';


 h2 {

font-family: 'YourFont';


h3 {

font-family: 'YourFont';



font-family: 'YourFont';


.sqsrte-large {

font-family: 'YourFont';


p {

font-family: 'YourFont';


.sqsrte-small {

font-family: 'YourFont';


Once again, replace YourFont with your font name from earlier. The spellings must be the same, even if the names are simply gibberish. This is how you add a font to Squarespace.

The custom fonts should now be applied as the default fonts for whatever categories you assigned to each. To go back to Squarespace native fonts, scroll down for instructions on changing the default fonts using the Squarespace built-in font selection tool.

How Do I Choose A Default Font For My Squarespace Website?

Squarespace makes changing the default font to a font of your choice too easy. You can input whatever fonts you want to use for headings, paragraphs, buttons, and miscellaneous fields. The Squarespace design suite remembers your choices and lets you work with a combination of four fonts, intelligently switching between them just the way you want.

The defaults can be changed easily in just a few clicks.

 1)      Once you’ve opened your website suite from the main Squarespace interface, click the  Design button

2)      Click Site Styles

3)      Click Fonts

4)      Under Global Text Styles, you can choose the fonts you want to use for headings, paragraphs, buttons, and miscellaneous.

What Should I Look For When Selecting Fonts For My Website?

Fonts set the tone of a website’s design. Since there are hundreds of fonts on Squarespace, it is hard to pick. While picking a font for your website, you should keep a few things in mind. You should experiment with different font pairings before publishing your Squarespace website for the best results.

If you’re unsure where to begin, use the ideas in this guide to help you build your site’s design. We recommend experimenting with different combinations before publishing. 

Here is a list of things you should consider to boost your website appearance by switching Squarespace fonts.

  • Practicality

Your text needs to be neat and readable. The majority of the text needs to calm and comfort the reader before all else. If an ornate font is used, it's best to use it for one or a few words.

  • Identity

Decide on the feelings you want your readers to feel. What is the energy you want your brand to project? Next, look for a font that makes you feel that energy. Use placeholder text and take your time previewing. 

Once you settle on one or more appropriate fonts, place them against all of your brand’s imagery, logos, and symbolism. The key is to understand that even though many things are intangible and sensory, they are real.

  • Synergy 

Experiment with different combinations of fonts. Once you’ve found at least three different fonts complement each other while playing their roles as a team, you’re all set. If you can get opinions from friends and family, that makes it even better.

One creative way to go about looking for your website's fonts is to list words or phrases that describe the feeling you are aiming for. 

For instance, your business may be going for a retro, vintage, futuristic, minimalist, ultramodern, playful, formal, chic, feminine, or masculine feeling. Look at the fonts some of your competition might use, such as retro Squarespace font or just blogs that share a niche with your website. 

Once immersed in the feeling, go through the fonts you’ve shortlisted and try narrowing them down to two or three.

  • Brand’s personality

If you are looking for the best Squarespace fonts to style your website, make sure it goes with your website’s existing design. It should effectively reflect your brand’s personality. Also, it should help communicate your brand and objectives through the web content.

Keep your website’s audience in mind while choosing Squarespace fonts. The following question might help:

  • What is the main focus or purpose of your website?
  • What is your target market?
  • Which age group does your audience belong to?
  • Which type of mood are you trying to create through web design? It could be anything from modern and classic to serious or fun. You can use modern, classic, or retro Squarespace fonts to communicate the mood of your website. 

squarespace fonts 2

Source: Adobe Stock

  • Mix and match

Squarespace provides you the option to mix and match fonts to create a unique font pairing for your website. You can turn a simple sans serif font into something fun by coupling it with an ornate serif font or retro Squarespace font. Thin minimalistic fonts work wonders with bold fonts. Your priority should be browsing the existing preset pairing from the mixed font tab. Choose a combination that perfectly reflects your website's mood and rhythm.

squarespace fonts 1

Source: Squarespace

  • The color palette

No matter your brand’s vision, you will always find a color palette that goes with it. Keep your business’s branding in mind while choosing a color scheme for your Squarespace font. You can motivate the audience with the use of bright colors. 

On the other hand, you can use earthy tones to set a calm mood for a travel blog. Consider branding elements such as your company’s logo before choosing the font color for your website.

squarespace fonts

Source: Squarespace

What Are The Best Squarespace Fonts?

Rather than scrolling through the Squarespace fonts list in a trial-and-error effort, keep reading to see our 10 curated picks of some of the best Squarespace fonts available. 

  • Work Sans

Goes well with Open Sans, Pontano Sans

  • PT Sans

Goes well with Europa, Lato

  • Poppins

Goes well with Quicksand, Fira Sans

  • Minerva Modern

Goes well with Europa, Proxima Nova

  • Prestige Elite

Goes well with Advent Pro, Vietnam

  • Forum

Goes well with Novel Sans Pro, Pill Gothic

  • Oswald

Goes well with Lora Bold, Open Sans

  • Unica One

Goes well with Crimson Pro, Garamond

  • Mate

Goes well with Helvetica Neue, Futura

  •  Urbane

Goes well with Roboto, Josefin Slab

Key Takeaway 

Because so much more goes into creating the perfect Squarespace website for your clients than meets the eye, it’s easy to think that you just chose the best and prettiest options at every point. Even a one-time website author can tell you this is not the case.

Creating on a platform like Squarespace is a lot about trying out everything until you find what expresses your brand’s identity the best. This is especially true about fonts. There are no ‘good or bad fonts. 

Feel free to mix and match until you hit the mark and feel exactly what you want your clients to feel when they visit your website. 

Remember, having a great font combo may feel trivial, but only until you try using a bad font combo and watch your lead conversion rates tragically plummet. Good luck, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

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