Squarespace Product Review Widget


Welcome to Wiremo! Need a Squarespace product review widget. In this step-by-step tutorial, you will find out how to set up product reviews widget on Squarespace. If you don't have a Wiremo account please start your free trial.


Important:For a faster and easier way to setup Wiremo on your products pages please use our plugin for Squarespace - follow this tutorial.

Link: https://wiremo.co/support/squarespace-wiremo-integration-plugin/


1. Login to Wiremo Dashboard and select “Install Wiremo” in the main menu. Type your website address and click the "Next" button.

Squarespace product review widget


2. Now from the list of platforms press on "Squarespace".

Squarespace product review widget


3. Now you have to follow 4 important steps from the Squarespace install instructions in Wiremo Dashboard. Follow them one by one.

Important:All the steps that are described in Wiremo Dashboard install instructions are mandatory!

Squarespace product review widget


Widget Example

Here is an example of the result you should get!

Squarespace product review widget


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