Wiremo Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sale 2020

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Wiremo Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2020

Important:This promotion has ended!

There is no better time than Black Friday to get a tool for growing your business and increasing recognition on the internet.

This tool will be Wiremo - an eCommerce customer reviews platform. With it, you will better understand the needs of consumers and their reactions to your product or service.

This year we prepared an exclusive one-time discount from Wiremo for Black Friday. One of the best Customer Review platform.

Wiremo with a 50% off discount

You get a convenient, reliable and efficient service with round-the-clock support. Here are a few of the Wiremo features that will be available to you after you purchase a subscription:

We care about our customers, so we improve the functionality of the service every day. Each of our clients has access to an easy and quick setup, technical support, and the ability to customize the widget for any parameters. On Black Friday, an exclusive service with powerful functionality is available with a 50% OFF discount. What could be better?!  

How to get Wiremo Black Friday discount

There are just 3 steps

  1. Get your free trial account
  2. Set up Wiremo on your website
  3. Upgrade to one of our plan using the promo code - P74YT3QKW2

Note:The promo is valid only for the first billing cycle, we recommend you to take annual plan.

But this offer is valid for only one week and you should hurry to get maximum discounts.


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