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It is our great pleasure to announce official start of our Wiremo Customer Reviews Widget. In this post, we will try to cover all the information you need to see how your business and service can benefit from using Wiremo.

First few words about Team behind Wiremo widget. We are a small group of enthusiasts and friends who worked together in the past on other products. But we are also customers ourselves. We are aware how important good customer relation strategy is and we know how we would wish to be treated as customers. We realize that opinions of others matter in purchase or subscription process. Product reviews, service reviews, opinions. We all search reliable and trustworthy information. We share our views when we like something and even more so, when we don’t. We wish to be heard by the companies we purchase products and services from. And the same thing is important for businesses. You do want to have feedback from your clients, you wish to know what they like about your offer, what they would change. If they are happy and if not, then why? Wiremo was created with all that in mind and a lot more.

We have realized that there isn’t a good way for both sides to express opinions, share reviews and for you, business owners to have a tool that will help you get reviews, connect with customers, improve your offer. Something user friendly, easy to use, rich in features, easy to integrate with your website. With Wiremo all of this stays in the past.

What features will you get with Wiremo widget?

First of all, our widget is very easy to integrate with your website. It was designed to be flexible with its looks, so that you can make it an integral part of your website design. Style, colour, stars, buttons – it all can be adjusted. And if you run your website in different language don’t worry. Wiremo has that covered too. Wiremo notification system allows you to constantly stay in touch with your customers. If you only wish, you can react immediately to all reviews, questions and issues your clients might present. Our “five star” system will give you more insight into how your product or service is viewed by users. Your potential clients will see that you care and you respond.

Wiremo will help you get new, free and exclusive content to your site. What it means, is that not only you will be able to improve your business through easier contact with your clients. Their approved review will also influence SEO position of your website. Wiremo will show all search engines reviews of your clients as answers to other queries. After all this sort of search outcome is the most valued one. Can you afford not to have it?

How much does it cost to use Wiremo?

Wiremo offers two subscription plans. Basic - $0.00/month and Essential for only $9.99/month. To help you decide which plan is best for you and try all advanced features of Wiremo, we offer you 14 days of trial. Those free 14 days will help you decide if limited functionality of Basic plan is sufficient. And don’t worry!!! We know things change sometimes. Regardless of the plan you choose you can always upgrade or downgrade. All our clients get 24/7 high quality support of our Team.

But Wiremo does not end here. We have great plans for Wiremo and for you. Soon, through Wiremo you will be able to reward your customers, offer special discounts, ask existing clients for a review of your service, use it on multiple websites, share & show new reviews on your Facebook social profile and many, many more. 

Start using Wiremo