What do modern review platforms lack?

What do modern review platforms lack?

According to experts, the e-commerce market will reach a volume of $4.9 trillion by 2021. Annually, the volume of internet sales grows by about 23%. It is not surprising that today this is one of the most promising and profitable business directions. If you are not on the Internet, then someone else will take your place and will sell more.

Surprisingly, unlike the consumer, the business was not ready for such an increase in internet sales. Therefore, eCommerce is experiencing a lack of quality resources and tools to automate work and improve customer service.

According to our estimates, about 38% of customers leave the website if they do not find it attractive and informative. This is largely due to the lack of reviews and content on eCommerce websites. Manufacturers and distributors create online stores for their products, but do not understand how to work with them. Therefore, websites that give their visitors maximum convenience and information are flourishing today.

We have repeatedly told how to work with a modern customer and how ordinary reviews on the website increase sales. It would seem that there are many platforms on the market with the functionality of adding reviews to the website. Yet, the owners of online stores do not use them.

We conducted a small analysis and selected 15 websites in 10 different eCommerce segments. We studied each website and saw that only 35% of them have an “intelligent” reviews system. On the remaining websites, these are standard solutions in the form of a “testimonials” page, where there are several purchased comments that no one trusts.


Where do you think there will be more sales?

  1. On a website with an intelligent reviews system, such as Wiremo.
  2. On a website with a standard form of reviews, without protection and feedback.

Of course, the consumer will choose the first option. The customer may never even hear about customer reviews platforms, but on a subconscious level, will choose a secure comment system.

We do not say that Wiremo is an ideal platform for collecting reviews. That would be wrong. We have room to grow and develop -  check our roadmap. We understand this and thanks to this, we introduce new technologies every day. We were able to make an unbiased analysis of all popular systems and understand why so few people among online store owners use review platforms.


What is the main reason?

The growth of sales in eCommerce is explained by the emergence of many platforms to simplify the work of creating an online store. You do not need to gather a team of programmers, managers and develop the site from scratch. There are ready-made solutions with the help of which you can make your own website without having any knowledge in programming. Squarespace, Shopify, WooCommerce became such solutions. Separately, we want to mention about the Woocommerce plugin, which helps to turn a regular blog on CMS (Content Management System) WordPress into a large online store with many features.

Imagine that in a couple of days, you will independently make a convenient store for 1,000 goods. And for this, you do not need to pay the development team. But on the other hand, it became a big problem. After all, the owners of online stores do not have the knowledge and experience in the development of websites, which means that they will not be able to implement complex review systems. Either you need to hire a specialist and pay him for setting up the program code or look for simpler solutions. This stops many owners of online stores and they turn away from "smart" platforms with reviews.

The person does not want to figure out the code of the website and independently install the scripts that will be responsible for the work of the reviews. In our opinion, this is the main problem in eCommerce. After all, by refusing to introduce a review platform to the website, you are abandoning your clients.

We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and realized that the integration of the Wiremo widget into different platforms should be as simple and accessible as possible.


On which platforms you can install the Wiremo widget in 2 clicks?

After examining the market, we realized that most services focus on creating plugins for the WordPress, Woocommerce and Shopify platforms, but the rest of the CMS are ignored.

For example, Squarespace Commerce is deprived of attention and very few companies offer a convenient solution for this platform. As a platform for electronic commerce, the list of functions of this system is growing rapidly, and it seems to focus on the most important elements of electronic commerce. These are simple, beautiful and convenient templates for online stores that have nothing superfluous. But application developers do not pay much attention to the platform.

Our team conducted a full-fledged analysis of this platform and developed a plugin with which you can install an “intelligent” review system on the website in 2 clicks. If you previously needed to contact developers and ask how to implement this review system inside Squarespace, now it only takes a couple of minutes. You can do it yourself and manage the location of the widget on your website.


Wiremo for WooCommerce and Squarespace

We could not pass these popular systems and made plugins for easy integration of our review platform. The convenience of each of these plugins is that they have all the functions of our review system pre-installed. Automated Review Request, through which you can easily ask for reviews, is automatically built into them. By installing the plugin on WordPress with WooCommerce or Squarespace, you get a complete set of tools for managing reviews and displaying them in your online store.

We are proud that we were able to create a platform that is equally easy to integrate into different CMS without the help of the development team. Our technical support is always ready to assist you in installing the plugin on the website, but we assure you that it will not be needed. Even if you encountered our system for the first time, you can easily understand how to install the plugin correctly and how to start working with it.


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