Vladimir Parasiuc

Sales Director

Vladimir co-founded Wiremo and serves as its sales director and recruiter. Vladimir is always trying to understand every single small sand that can bring the business to grow. All the projects he co-founded had succeeded and his beliefs in success are unshakable. Vladimir's vast experience spans 12-years and more than 35,000 hours in the realms of SMM, SEO, marketing architecture and project management, UX, and design analytics.
While starting Wiremo most of his friends were skeptical about the project, but hard-work brings good results.
Lots of business and marketing training, responsibility and the way of thinking to find the easiest way in hard times makes us believe that what he thinks is right.
In a friendly way of cooperation with Adrian Crismaru, they created a great project, that we are proud to call Wiremo.
Vladimir has come a long way from a student part-time working and CEO for local businesses to become a co-Founder of many online projects.

He is passionate about photography, traveling, hiking, and many more, but his main source of power is his family.